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Changing the tires will help whom to win the Game FIA vs Pirelli ?

Let’s just summarize the whole thing short first Pirelli wants to change tires after suffering criticism teams including Red Bull and Mercedes, but a specific rule in the FIA ...

Venom increased F1 tire war broke out again

Formula One is more bitter “tire war” broke out again, with increasing venom, this week when Ferrari Lotus followed by hitting rivals Red Bull and accusing the champion to have a ...

Pirelli will introduce new tires – Motor Sports News

Pirelli is finally set to make different tires, tires that have been worked, to give drivers more opportunity to use their car to the maximum. Fernando Alonso, winner of the Grand Prix of Spain, ...

Financial penalties to be reduced for minor offenses – Formula One

The FIA ​​is discarded financial penalties for minor offenses, in favor of increasing the amount to pay for a super license required to drive a Formula 1 car. Earlier in the month, the ...

Honda will comeback in the Formula One Shortly

Honda would soon announce they will return to Formula One in 2015 as a supplier of engines for British team McLaren to revive their partnership champion, a company source said on Wednesday. Honda ...