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Pakistan masseur has sent back from Champions Trophy

Pakistan masseur has sent back from Champions Trophy

Karachi Pakistan cricket team masseur was sent back from the ICC Champions Trophy on charges of sexually assaulting a female worker in a London hotel where the players were staying during the event, the source said.

According to details masseur Malang Ali was sent back under the pretext that his wife was ill in Pakistan.

“The hotel management told the Pakistani team officials that one of their female employees filed a complaint with them, that she was sexually harassed by a masseur team,” one source claimed.

“The management team than have investigated and found that the charges against Malang was a substance, and it was decided to send him back home immediately to avoid any legal complications and more embarrassing for Pakistan cricket,” the source said.

According to the source, Malang after returning home was questioned on a circuit board and removed from the job.

But PCB Media Manager Nadeem Sarwar said that the inquiry was conducted against a massage therapist on this issue and it has been translated from the board.

Interestingly, about five years ago, when the ICC Youth World Championship was held in Malaysia as a massage therapist has been accused of stealing money and valuables from the rooms of players.

“The irony is that even after the management team reported it to the Council on the basis of CCTV footage at the team hotel, Malang after a period of suspension is back again working with the team because of his close ties with some of the players who have supported him to be with the team for some time now, “the source said.

He said that in many cases some of the senior players to play an influential role in getting the parties to their taste, which will be placed with the national team.


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